Ken installing another AntPro bait station.
AntPro - Environment Safe Ant Control
Ken installing another AntPro bait station.
  Eliminates the Entire Ant Colony Not Just the Foraging Ants  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have ant nests in my house, can KM AntPro ant bait stations be used indoors?

    Place bait stations outside of house to attract ants away from inside of house.

  2. My KM AntPro bait dispensers arrived today, where is the best place to put them on my property?

    Generally, 4 dispensers, one on each side, for houses with a 'footprint' of 1,500 square feet or less, but see "Placement" page for determining dispenser deployment applicable to your ant problem.

  3. Will AntPro work with homemade ant bait?

    Possibly, but Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait has been developed and tested to provide ant attraction and killing power over extended period of time.

  4. Once AntPro is install what else can I do to control ants?

    If ants trailing inside of home, lightly mist the area with a mixture of 1/3 vinigar and 2/3 water to remove ants' pheromone trails and give them a signal to leave the area; otherwise do nothing and let the AntPro dispensers place outside, do their thing.

  5. Once the ants are eliminated what can I do to prevent them from returning?

    Keep the AntPro dispensers fully activated and kept in place as 'sentinels' to guard against the ants returning.

  6. Can I use pesticides while I'm using AntPro?

    Definitely not. Toxic pesticides kills the foraging ants (small % of colony) before they get back to feed queen and balance of colony. Also, the death of foragers causes the colony to go into stress and increase their population.

  7. How long will it take before I see results?

    It depends on the ant species and the size of the infestation. With carpenter ants, you will a marked improvement in 5 to 6 days, but with white-footed ants or Caribbean crazy ants (rasberry ants), for example, it could take 3 to 4 weeks of concerned effort.

  8. Which ant bait should I buy?

    Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait has proven very successful in use with the KM AntPro System over serveral years of time, so that is our first choice.


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