Ken installing another AntPro bait station.
Environment Safe Ant Control
Ken installing another AntPro bait station.
  Eliminates the Entire Ant Colony Not Just the Foraging Ants  

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AntPro Advantages

The AntPro System excels when compared with other ant control methods currently on the market. The table below provides a summary of AntPro's many advantages.

    AntPro Broadcast Broadcast Other Bait
  Features Bait Station Pesticides Baits Stations
1 Eliminates the entire colony AntPro uses low-toxic liquid baits that systemically eliminate the entire ant colony, not just foraging workers. Rarely (1) Sometimes (2) Yes (3)
2 Uses Liquid bait Liquid baits are irresistible to ants, roaches & other insects, because they satisfy their need for water, carbohydrates & protein. NA No Some do
3 Environment Friendly Bait is held within the delivery unit; not broadcast to pollute your living areas or landscape. No (4) No (4) Yes
4 Preserves Bait Patented bait reservoir protects bait from air-oxidation and mold. This greatly extends bait life for long term, low maintenance, and low cost operation. NA No No
5 Weather tolerant The feeding pool is sheltered from the weather, so that bait cannot be washed away by rain. No No Yes
6 Delivers bait as needed Insects feeding in pool trigger release of liquid bait from patented air restricted reservoir, as bait is consumed. NA No No
7 Long-lasting bait supply The patented liquid gravity-feed system and large reservoir provide up to several months supply of fresh bait. NA No No
8 Long-term insect control AntPro kills the insect colony; then, provides around the clock, low-maintenance protection against re-infestation. No No Short-term
9 Easy access by insects to bait. Ants and other insects have all-round, 360 degree access to bait. NA Yes No
10 Children & animal access restricted Designed for access by ants and other small insects, only. No No Yes
11 Low Total Cost AntPro is built tough to last many years. Moreover, it uses less bait because its patented design keeps bait fresh longer. Higher

Foot Notes:

  1. Broadcast pesticides rarely eliminate the colony, because they destroy foraging worker ants before they can return to feed the colony. They also kill beneficial insects.
  2. Broadcast baits generally require more than one application, because the corn and meal based materials used to attract and feed the toxicants to the ants spoil quickly. Also other insects and animals eat the bait, in many cases before the offending ants have the opportunity to feed the colony.
  3. Yes, if a low toxic bait is used (such as 1% boric acid) and if no quick-kill ingredients have been added. High toxicity baits, with quick kill ingredients, kill the worker ants not the colony. They can also cause the worker ants to release alarm pheromones that warn and stop other colony members from feeding on the food source. This alarm can also stimulates the colony to increase their growth rate.
  4. Broadcast pesticides and baits can pollute your living areas when they are tracked in on shoes, or blown in by wind. They also can pollute local water supplies when it rains. (Even so called organic baits can, when used excessively, overwhelm and pollute water supplies.) For more information please see our Health and Safety page.
  5. Broadcast pesticide treatments are more expensive, because they do not always eliminate the problem; in fact, they may cause the colonies to divide and actually increase, requiring many call backs for re-treatment.
  6. Broadcast bait treatments are more expensive because they are not target specific and because they require a larger volume of bait to be used. Moreover, continuous re-treatments are usually required for long-term ant control.
  7. Initially, at time of purchase, AntPro bait stations may cost more than conventional bait stations, but when properly cared for, they will provide years of reliable service. Plus, AntPro's patented, focused delivery on demand and spoilage retardant reservoir features add up to considerable long-term savings.

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"AntPro liquid ant bait stations are gravity fed. As ants consume bait in the station's liquid bait pool, liquid tension ducts replenish the pool automatically."